2019 Initiative


Improve the Conditions of Our Streets

  • 2019 Green Initiative: Make our street more green in 2019 with the cleanup and more

  • Viaducts: Industrial power wash the walls after a chemical spray, spray for weeds, clean litter, post Racine Triangle Pride cleanup signs, contact west town special service about a garbage can at the Augusta and Racine intersection, paint the sides of the viaduct a uniform color

  • Light posts: Paint a uniform green or black color

  • Racine Triangle Pride signs: Post at the corners of Racine and Willard at Milwaukee and Augusta at Elston

  • Dead end sign: Contact 311 about a dead-end sign where the alley and Willard meet

  • Repave Willard

  • Empty space at the dead end of Augusta: Replace fence with reflectors, remove diseased trees, add fenced-in area, doggy bags, host movies in the park, Coffee and Dogs fundraiser with donated coffee from Big Shoulders

  • Empty lot next to the Augusta Viaduct: Replace/repair fence, remove dead tree, groom the lot

  • Empty lot next to 932 Racine: Install a black fence or paint the current one, remove the barbed wire, increase the lighting over the lot, add “you are beautiful” sign down the length of the Racine fence, add pavers and wood chips around the easement trees

  • Repair sidewalk in front of 947 Racine

  • Call 311 about the garbage cans without lids on the street to minimize flying trash

Community Events

  • Post permanent event bulletin boards in the park, under the viaducts, and where the streets meet Milwaukee and Elston

  • May 4: Racine Triangle Cleanup and Social

  • May 15: Beat Meeting in the Goldblatt Building

  • June 8+9: Racine Triangle Sidewalk Sale

  • Sept 7: 2nd Annual Racine Triangle Block Party

  • Oct 26: Racine Triangle Trick-or-Treating Event

  • Host movies in Triangle Park

  • Coffee and Dogs fundraiser with donated coffee from Big Shoulders Coffee

  • Block off the alley for a dog run or another event once or twice over the summer

Crime Prevention (Don’t give criminals a reason)

  • Find a package solution: Give UPS/FedEx/USPS a key or code, only schedule delivery during a time you or a neighbor is home, schedule a delivery to a neighbor who’s home, ask a neighbor both sides to grab deliveries, set a multi-unit building to bring in packages.

  • Cars: Keep locked without visible items on the seats or floor

  • Exterior lights: Set an automatic timer to eliminate blindspots, brighter light bulbs

  • Video: Post signs on your property, share video footage with the police department and post on the neighborhood pages

  • Neighbor interaction: Say a friendly hello to everyone within 25 feet while maintaining positive eye contact

Reporting an Incident

  • Call 911 for all criminal activity and file a police report no matter how small or large the incident

  • Call 311 for tree trimming, tree pickup, pot holes, street lamps

  • Post incidents on the neighborhood pages including the Racine Triangle website, Racine Triangle Neighborhood Watch Facebook page, Ring Neighbors phone app, etc.