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Neighborhood Safety:

Light. Look. Report

The Racine Triangle Association is dedicated to creating safe streets for dog walkers, families, and residents in the River West Area on Racine Ave, Willard, Elston, and Augusta. This is OUR neighborhood specific group which advocates the following: Light. Look. Report.


Although the street lamps are bright, we need to increase "white lighting" on our residences to minimize blind spots and shadows (i.e., patio lighting, doorstep lighting, etc.). This will definitely be a coordinated effort! The more buildings lit, the better! We can't depend on the street lights anymore. For the sake of your walking and dog walking neighbors as well as neighbors returning home from work, please turn on your exterior lights starting at dusk.



Take the time to look at your surroundings when you return home or leave. Look up and down the street. Say hello to your neighbors. Look out for each other.


Call the police for any suspicious activity to increase police awareness and presence on our street. Believe it or not, most people don't call. Know who your neighbors are and report anyone loitering/looking around properties, sitting suspiciously in vehicles for extended periods of time, etc. Please call 311 or 911 to file a police report for EVERY occurrence. The more reports, the more attention by the police.


Build a safe community.

"The way to change the world is through individual responsibility and taking local action in your own community.”

— Jeff Bridges

Make Your Home Safer

For real-time incident reports, concerns, and event/neighbor announcements, be sure to follow the Chicago CAPS12 Twitter page and the Racine Triangle Association Facebook group. In regards to your home, though, check out this quick list of ways to deter any uninvited guests: 

  • Lock the doors and windows of your cars and homes at all times (only keep inaccessible windows open).

  • Triple lock your patio doors with the door lock, bolt, and a stick and install door plates on the other entrances. 

  • Install an alarm system and display signs and stickers on your property. 

  • Install live cameras and display signs on your property. 

  • Lock access gates to the back of your property. 

  • Place your exterior lights on your patios and front stairways on a timer starts at dusk. The street lamps shouldn't be the only lights that turn on after sunset. 

  • Install motion sensor lights on the sides and back of your property. 

  • Pull down your curtains in the evening and/or remove valuables visible outside of your windows. 

  • REPORT a crime after it occurs to increase police attention to your street. 


The Racine Triangle Association
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